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Experience why your neighbours in Red Deer, choose Steam Clean Express for their carpet and upholstery cleaning needs

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"Great service. My carpets have never been so clean. Steve got out stains that a previous company was unable to. Carpets left feeling soft and looking brand new!"
Ry M. via Google
Best Carpet cleaning in Red Deer

Your Trusted Red Deer Carpet Cleaner For Over 30 Years

Your carpets don’t just have an impact on the overall appearance of your home, but they also affect the air quality and environment for your family in your home too. At Steam Clean Express, we are dedicated to providing you with a thorough, deep carpet cleaning that will ensure clean and healthy carpets.

Whether your carpet or upholstery has been subject to pet stains, coffee spills, dirt and more — you can rest assured that we will provide you with the most thorough cleaning ever; otherwise, it’s free (you read that right). We look forward to helping revive your carpets and upholstery.

Owner-Operated, Local Business

Fast Drying Time

Safe, Biodegradable Cleaning Agents Used

We Don’t Cut Corners — We Clean Them.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Red Deer, AB

Your carpets experience a large amount of foot traffic in your home. It’s not very surprising if they don’t look the same as they used to when you had them installed. Dirty carpets also harbour germs and bacteria that contribute to an unhealthy living environment for you and your family.

What can I expect from my carpet cleaning service with Steam Clean Express?

A long-lasting deep clean

We extract all the dirt, grime and debris from 100% of your carpet yarns with our carpet steam cleaning. This means that we get deep down within the fibres of your carpets, which leaves them cleaner for longer.

Say goodbye to germs, bacteria & dust mites

Our high-powered, truck-mounted steam extraction process kills and extracts most germs, bacteria and dust mites from your carpet fibers.  98% of the carpet mills recommend hot water extraction (steam) as the preferred cleaning method.

We use safe biodegradable cleaning agents

The cleaning agents we use are safe for your children and animals and are designed specifically for carpet and rug fibers.

No cleaning residue left in your carpets

We use rinsing strokes to ensure no cleaning residue is left in your carpet yarns. By flushing out all the dirt, grime and cleaning agents, we restore your matted traffic lanes to fluffy and soft carpet fibers. This ensures your carpets stay cleaner longer.

Fast drying time

Because of our deep extraction, van-powered truck-mounted equipment, we pick up 98% of the moisture we put down. Only your carpet fibers are barely damp. Depending on the carpeting grade and the air circulation in your home, our drying time is approximately 2-10 hours.

No cutting corners

We take all the time needed to clean every square inch properly, ensuring a thorough clean.

We move most furniture

We move most furniture and place plastic tabs and blocks under the furniture so the carpets will dry properly.

Professional, friendly service

You will receive a friendly, informative, and caring service from your first phone call to the completion of your job. We also call a day or two later to make sure you are still thrilled with our service.

Safe Allergy Relief Treatment

Allergy Relief Treatment in Red Deer, AB

Exposure to dust mites and pet allergens are common causes of allergic diseases for many people. While it is important, cleaning alone is unfortunately not enough to help with allergy relief. That’s where the ResponsibleCare System comes in.

The ResponsibleCare System uses specialized cleaning agents that remove as many allergens and allergen food sources as possible, followed by applying the Allergy Relief Treatment. This then inactivates the allergens, preventing them from causing an allergic reaction. Overall, this reduces these allergens’ levels by 90% or more, and can have a residual effect for up to 6 months after application. Plus, the allergy relief treatment is entirely safe for your children and pets — a win-win situation.

Odour Control

Indoor air pollution is recognized as one of the major health concerns facing the nation today. This condition has been created by the search for more energy efficient homes, buildings and work places.

Ozone generators can dramatically improve indoor air quality, creating a much safer atmosphere indoors. At Steam Clean Express, we rent Ozone Generators to help with mold and odor removal, and for help removing smells.

Lady with allergies

IICRC Certified & Chosen Member Of Ethical Services

What does this mean?

Steam Clean Express is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). This assures you that we have been trained and tested and understand all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning. We abide by a strict code of ethics which results in the highest level of satisfaction for you, our customer.

Fluffy. Fresh. Bouncy. Clean.

These are the adjectives you can use to describe your carpets after we have cleaned them. Are you ready to get started? Get your clean carpet quote today!

Please clean my carpets!

Kind words, happy customers.

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"I would definitely recommend Stream Clean Express! I basically had a "carpet emergency" due to pet accidents and they came the very next day and did an excellent job on my light colored carpet."
Kelly B. via Google

Fresh, Clean Furniture

Upholstery Cleaning in Red Deer, AB

Just like your carpets, your upholstery is also subjected to spills, dirt and bacteria. To provide the most thorough clean, a professional upholstery cleaning is necessary to help make your upholstery look its best.

When you contact Steam Clean Express about your upholstery cleaning, we will come out and evaluate your furniture needs and conclude the best method to clean it. This is because each manufacturer recommends a specialized cleaning method. It also means that we can be upfront and honest about what is possible and what is not, so you are not in for any surprises.

Once we understand the best method needed to clean your upholstery in the safest and most effective way, we will get to work!

Upholstery cleaning

Your Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Or It's Free

That's right. Your booking is risk-free. If you are not satisfied with your cleaning, you don't pay. If we know for certain we cannot remove a stain, then we will tell you upfront.

If you're still not sure, you can try us out for free with our one free room cleaning!*

*For new clients and home owners only

Say Goodbye To Pet Odours!

Pet Stain and Odour Removal in Red Deer, AB

We love our pets, without a shadow of a doubt. There are occasions where they may have an accident on your carpet, and this accident can leave a stain and a lingering, unpleasant odour. To ensure that this is removed properly, we will provide a professional, thorough deep cleaning with the use of our water claw tool.

At Steam Clean Express, we use BIO Modifier Xtreme by BridgePointe to eliminate these odours. Our process is as follows:

  • We saturate the affected areas in the carpets, underlay and subfloor with hot water.
  • We extract and flush the water out of the carpets, underlay and subfloor with our specialized Water Claw extractor tool.
  • We then saturate the affected areas with the BIO Modifier Xtreme, penetrating through carpets and the underlay to the subfloor.
  • We perform a second extraction with our Water Claw to eliminate the odour-causing contaminants.

If, on the rare occasion, that we can’t resolve the issue for you, we will be honest from the start. We want you to get the best experience possible with us, which means being fully transparent about what we can and can’t do for you.

Pet urine treatment

Are you ready for your most thorough cleaning ever?

Whether you are looking to revive your carpets or your upholstery, Steam Clean Express can help!

I'm ready!

Sparkling Tile & Grout Cleaning

Say goodbye to scrubbing on your hands and knees with a toothbrush! At Steam Clean Express, we use the Rotovac 360i to effectively clean your tile and grout lines and remove any dirt and grime. You don’t have to waste hours on the weekend cleaning your tile and grout anymore, Steam Clean Express can help you!

Beautiful kitchen tile floor

Auto & RV Cleaning

Here in Alberta, our automobiles, RVs and boats play a big part in our adventures. Because we spend a lot of time in them, it’s essential they are properly cleaned.

At Steam Clean Express, we use a truck-mounted steam cleaning method, which has a ten times stronger suction than portable units. This provides a more thorough cleaning and a shorter drying process. It also allows us to heat the water up to 220 degrees fahrenheit, ensuring a more meticulous cleaning. This way, you can have peace of mind that your chosen mode of transport is ready for your next adventure!

Automotive interior cleaning

HAZMAT Cleanup

Over the last 20 years, Steam Clean Express has had a lot of experience with HAZMAT cleanups. Recently, Dan (the owner of Steam Clean Express) completed his technical training with AMDECON and is certified to work on Crime and Trauma  Scene cleanups, Hoarder Cleanups, and Meth Lab Decon Cleanups.

Workers in hazmat suits

Why we do what we do.

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"Great service. Our carpet had been the unfortunate catcher of our dog's medicated pee stupor. The fellow I spoke with on the phone (Dan) was helpful and the fellow that came to do the cleaning (Sven) was great too. They came recommended to me and I'd highly recommend them too. (You can't even tell our dog had any issues on the carpet!) Thanks Steam Clean Express!"
Becky A. via Google